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ABS - Consulting Services - Trevor Boyce

Trevor Boyce

ABS - Consulting Services - Lisa Turpin

Lisa Turpin

ABS - Consulting Services - Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers

Our Consulting & Advisory team has a combined 50 years of experience with ABS.

ABS’ Comprehensive Services Include:

Forecasting, budgeting, and financial planning

Presentation and communication of reliable regular financial information

Implementation of new systems

All types of business consulting including internal control functions and overall business strategy

Advice on mergers, acquisitions and sale of businesses

Banking advisory work

Payroll and Human Resource work including knowledge of up-to-date rules and legislation

Fraud detection and litigation support

Mergers and Acquisitions

ABS has advised on several successful mergers, acquisitions and sales of local companies. ABS’ senior management have a thorough understanding of the processes essential to the successful sale and purchase of these companies.

ABS does not provide “formal” valuations of companies but has a sound understanding and long term experience of the market forces that exist in Bermuda and provides insight and guidance on what your business may be worth.

Payroll and Human Resources

ABS provides payroll services to almost all of its existing clients and ABS’ team of people are well versed in Bermuda’s payroll tax rules and the myriad of other rules and legislation associated with the HR function in local companies. ABS’ team constantly deals with the Bermuda government on these matters, whether negotiating payment plans for companies in arrears or helping with completion of complex quarterly returns.

ABS works diligently to keep our clients abreast of constantly changing payroll tax legislation.

Litigation Support

ABS has helped a number of local law firms to assist in compiling information for support in litigation cases, including divorce actions.

Business Consulting

ABS’ consults to a number of local businesses involving commercial matters ranging from internal controls to business strategy. ABS integrates such work with normal monthly accounting.ABS has also acted as an independent consultant.

Time & Billing

ABS helps professionals, including legal, architectural and surveying companies, with their time and billing systems. One of our senior accountants was the financial controller of a former Big Eight accounting firm and has extensive time and billing expertise.

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