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With effect from Monday, March 26th, 2018 our office will be located in the: A.S. COOPER BUILDING 4th FLOOR, 26 REID STREET, HAMILTON

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Providing flexible accounting and consulting
solutions to Bermuda businesses

Voted Best of Bermuda three years running, ABS outsources bookkeepers, accountants and financial consultants to oversee and/or run accounting offices for Bermuda businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Work can be carried out in your office or ours, while the time required to handle client needs ranges from a couple of hours a week to full time positions.

Best of BDA

Often called the local company’s accountants, one look at our client list and you’ll understand why. We have built long-standing, highly successful relationships with clients in the medical, dental, restaurant, retail, hospitality and professional services industries including architectural practices, engineering firms and law firms. We have proven expertise in time and billing and can bring something useful to the table for all.


With all of our clients, ABS focuses on helping them better understand important financial aspects of their own business often overlooked in the day to day frenzy of most successful businesses. We do
this in a myriad of ways. With new businesses we help them get started with cash flow and budget projections and assistance with bank and investor meetings. For more established businesses we facilitate the development and expansion of their businesses through sound financial practices and assistance to improve both accounting and business processes. We can also help with mergers, acquisitions and dispositions and in particular, understanding what your business is worth to you and what it might be worth to potential buyers. By offering flexible and effective solutions, ABS has become a most trusted business partner for the businesses we serve. Management and staff are well known and respected within the Bermuda business community and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Information on our credentials and expertise is provided in this website. For more information or to make an appointment please visit our Contacts page.