Providing flexible accounting and consulting solutions to Bermuda businesses

Voted Best of Bermuda three years running, ABS outsources bookkeepers, accountants and financial consultants to oversee and/or run accounting offices for Bermuda businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Work can be carried out in your office or ours, while the time required to handle client needs ranges from a couple of hours a week to full time positions.

Best of BDA

Often called the local company’s accountants, one look at our client list and you’ll understand why. We have built long-standing, highly successful relationships with clients in the medical, dental, restaurant, retail, hospitality and professional services industries including architectural practices, engineering firms and law firms. We have proven expertise in time and billing and can bring something useful to the table for all.

With all of our clients, ABS focuses on helping them better understand important financial aspects of their own business often overlooked in the day to day frenzy of most successful businesses. We do this in a myriad of ways. With new businesses we help them get started with cash flow and budget projections and assistance with bank and investor meetings. For more established businesses we facilitate the development and expansion of their businesses through sound financial practices and assistance to improve both accounting and business processes. We can also help with mergers, acquisitions and dispositions and in particular, understanding what your business is worth to you and what it might be worth to potential buyers. By offering flexible and effective solutions, ABS has become a most trusted business partner for the businesses we serve. Management and staff are well known and respected within the Bermuda business community and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Information on our credentials and expertise is provided in this website. For more information or to make an appointment please visit our Contacts page.

Expert Accounting Service For Bermuda Businesses

Let ABS in Bermuda handle your bookkeeping and accounting requirements. Our experienced team provides flexible services tailored to your business needs and budget. We are a highly cost effective solution for small to medium size businesses providing expert guidance and advice regarding all aspects of business in Bermuda particularly employment and payroll tax issues.

For businesses that require a complete off-premises financial management solution, we provide full accounting and bookkeeping services at our centrally located Hamilton office. Much of our work is carried out using Quickbooks Pro software that we can readily install and manage within your office computer system.

ABS’s accountants are fully experienced in Quickbooks Pro, the world’s most popular and efficient accounting software. All ABS staff are trained and proficient in Quickbooks Pro. Denise Kyme holds a Quickbooks Pro Advisor designation and is one of the island’s most knowledgeable professionals.

ABS also provides financial controller services for clients requiring more comprehensive accounting assistance or wish to outsource their accounting function altogether but keep it under their own roof on their own computer systems.

We offer monthly fee quotations to ensure that clients are not subjected to open-ended professional fees with little control over costs – 95% of our fees are fixed monthly amounts. It’s one more example of how we partner with our valued clients to provide the best service possible.

For more information on the ABS team please visit our Staff Profiles page or contact us directly to arrange a consultation.

Award-winning Financial Advisory Services

ABS is a helpful and trusted partner that can help you and your business weather all financial climates. Since 1988 our staff have
provided sound financial consulting and advisory service. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Full accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Presentation and communication of financial information
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Financial management
  • Advice on sale and purchase of businesses
  • Banking advisory
  • Mergers and acquisitions

The dedication and hard work of ABS management and staff has laid the foundation for many successful, long-term client relationships. We invite you to view the client testimonials provided on this site. We are appreciative of these long-standing
business relationships and are committed to the ongoing success of our clients.

To find out more about our full range of services please contact us today. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Our Clients

In our nearly 25 years of doing business in Bermuda, ABS has gained vast and specialized accounting expertise in several key
industries including retail, medical and dental, hospitality food and beverage and various professional services including architectural, engineering and legal services.

Medical & Dental

We understand the unique complexities of this industry and have developed lasting relationships with numerous medical and dental offices island wide. We have people who understand medical and dental software such as Medisoft, Dentrix, Abledent and others and can combine these with appropriate accounting software to produce accurate and current
financial statements, as well as assist with the communication and presentation of financial information to busy professionals at times that work for them. The services provided are tailored to the needs of the individual practice. We can do as little or as much is needed depending on the staff that the client has available for accounting and
administrative purposes.

Our medical and dental expert manager Reneé Lawrence notes that the medical and dental professions are unique in that the owner is (in most instances) also the main service provider. They are typically not available during 9 to 5 office hours so she keeps a flexible schedule to accommodate this fact. The majority of her work is done on client premises.

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ABS has combined the financial information of over 50 local restaurants on a quarterly basis for the Bermuda Government for the last three years and has an insight into this industry that few local firms could ever acquire. We have kept the accounting records of numerous restaurants for many years and know the ins and outs of this ever-evolving industry.  Working with statistical data we can help you determine whether your food and beverage costs are better or worse than the industry average and whether your staff costs, both direct and indirect, and overhead are at an acceptable level. In short, we can help you take a lot of guesswork out of the day-to-day operation of your business.

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Professional Services

Successfully managing time and billing is a fundamental necessity for Bermuda’s professional firms. ABS works with numerous architectural, engineering and legal firms to ensure they have the best systems and practices in place and then helps them combine their time and billing systems into a general ledger system that will produce timely financial statements for the principals of the firms .

Denise Kyme of ABS has over 25 years of experience helping small professional firms enhance these critical areas of business. In addition we provide a full complement of accounting and consulting services to our clients in this industry as required.

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Our Staff

Trevor Boyce

Trevor Boyce is a chartered accountant with extensive experience in many areas of business and consulting including company financing, mergers and acquisitions and sale of businesses. Trevor relocated to Bermuda in 1980 with Ernst and Young and has spent most of his career in the accounting profession. He was a partner with the local firm of Douglas Hillen Chartered Accountants and the international firm of MAZARS for 20 years prior to the separation of the accounting services and consulting arm of Douglas Hillen into ABS Limited in 2008. Trevor graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a business degree before obtaining his CA qualification with the New Zealand Institute of Accountants.

Denise Kyme

Denise is a CMA who is skilled at quickly evaluating a business’s accounting needs. She joined Douglas Hillen Chartered Accountants in 2002 and became part of the senior ABS team in 2008 when they separated from Douglas Hillen. Prior to this Denise worked for Ernst and Young for 18 years where she held the post of financial controller. Denise has extensive expertise in time and billing environments and in-depth knowledge of many areas of accounting. She is a qualified Quickbooks Pro Advisor. In addition, Denise is responsible for many of the firm’s day-to-day operations and has a thorough understanding of HR law, policies and practices in Bermuda including The Employment Act.

Reneé Lawrence

Reneé has been with the ABS team for over 17 years. She is our Medical and Dental expert working with a broad range
of clients in this industry. Reneé has a solid working knowledge of today’s popular medical/dental software including Medisoft, Fox Meadows, Abeldent and Dentrex that enables her to walk into an office and immediately begin working. She has attended several dental conferences and stays current with financial trends in medical and dental industries. Reneé has a business degree in marketing and has taken numerous bookkeeping and accounting courses. She has extensive work experience with Quickbooks and has helped numerous clients combine their software with Quickbooks to facilitate the preparation of meaningful monthly financial statements.

Lara Rogers

Lara Rogers is a chartered accountant with 20 plus years of experience in many areas of business and consulting, particularly in areas of streamlining and improvement of internal accounting and financial reporting procedures. She also has considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions and the sale of businesses. She has extensive international experience and specializes in reporting and communication of financial information. Lara graduated from The University of South Africa before obtaining her CA qualification from both the South African and English Institute of Chartered Accountants. She has been working in Bermuda for two years and has a very good understanding of local accounting needs and practices.

Roydelle Matthews

Roydelle Matthews is ABS’s longest serving employee. She is often the first point of contact for clients and will ensure you get the assistance you need.

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