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Medical & Dental

ABS understands the unique complexities of the medical and dental professions and has developed lasting relationships with Bermuda’s most respected medical and dental offices.

  • The ABS team understands medical and dental software such as Medisoft, Dentrix, Abledent, IMS, Dr Chrono, MacPractice and others.

  • ABS knows how to integrate these professional applications with the appropriate accounting software to produce accurate and current financial statements. This facilitates clear and concise communication and presentation of financial information to busy professionals at times that work for them.

  • ABS tailors services to the needs of each individual practice. ABS will provide either a comprehensive service or augment an existing capability, depending on the staff that our client has available for accounting and administrative purposes.

  • ABS’ qualified accountant, typically, meets with the practice owners every month to discuss the current financial statements and how the practice is doing.

ABS Limited - Medical & Dental Accounting Experts

"The medical and dental professions are unique. The owner (s) are often the main service provider, seldom available during 9 to 5 office hours. ABS staff keep a flexible schedule to accommodate this constraint."


Reneé Lawrence - ABS Medical & Dental Team Lead


For several years ABS consolidated quarterly financial information from over 50 local restaurants for the Bermuda Government. This has given the ABS team a unique insight into this industry that few local firms could acquire. ABS has maintained the accounting records of numerous restaurants for many years and know the ins and outs of this ever-evolving industry.

  • Working with statistical data, ABS helps you determine whether your food and beverage costs are better or worse than the industry average; whether your staff costs, both direct and indirect, and overhead are at an acceptable level.

  • ABS takes the guesswork out of the day-to-day operation of your business.

Professional Services

Bermuda’s professional firms manage time and billing as a fundamental necessity for a firm’s financial success. ABS has years of experience working with architectural, engineering and legal entities.

  • ABS will work with you to install the best time and billing systems and practices.

  • ABS will combine these systems with a general ledger system to produce timely financial statements for the firm’s principals.

  • ABS will provide a full complement of accounting and consulting services to our clients in this industry, as required.

ABS Limited - Professional Accounting Experts

Denise Kyme has over 30 years of experience helping small professional firms enhance critical areas of their business.

Retail & Wholesale

ABS has a long and proven background in retail including clothing, hardware, jewelry and furniture stores. ABS has worked with various point-of-sale systems, coordinated annual stock counts and, in many instances, overseen the annual audit process.
ABS has worked with liquor and food suppliers and other general wholesalers.

Real Estate

ABS has been involved with Bermuda real estate companies for many years, This has given ABS an extensive understanding of the complexities involved in the many aspects of this highly specialized industry.

Condo & Commercial

ABS provides accounting services to numerous condominium associations and several commercial buildings, including providing support and calculations for billing of annual maintenance shortfalls.


ABS prides itself in a superior understanding of the hospitality industry in Bermuda. ABS has conducted the accounting for a number of small hotels and local restaurants.

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We have been working with ABS since 1996 and have been thoroughly satisfied with the professionalism and support they have given us.


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