Our Clients

In our nearly 25 years of doing business in Bermuda, ABS has gained vast and specialized accounting expertise in several key
industries including retail, medical and dental, hospitality food and beverage and various professional services including architectural, engineering and legal services.

Medical & Dental

We understand the unique complexities of this industry and have developed lasting relationships with numerous medical and dental offices island wide. We have people who understand medical and dental software such as Medisoft, Dentrix, Abledent and others and can combine these with appropriate accounting software to produce accurate and current
financial statements, as well as assist with the communication and presentation of financial information to busy professionals at times that work for them. The services provided are tailored to the needs of the individual practice. We can do as little or as much is needed depending on the staff that the client has available for accounting and
administrative purposes.

Our medical and dental expert manager Reneé Lawrence notes that the medical and dental professions are unique in that the owner is (in most instances) also the main service provider. They are typically not available during 9 to 5 office hours so she keeps a flexible schedule to accommodate this fact. The majority of her work is done on client premises.

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ABS has combined the financial information of over 50 local restaurants on a quarterly basis for the Bermuda Government for the last three years and has an insight into this industry that few local firms could ever acquire. We have kept the accounting records of numerous restaurants for many years and know the ins and outs of this ever-evolving industry.  Working with statistical data we can help you determine whether your food and beverage costs are better or worse than the industry average and whether your staff costs, both direct and indirect, and overhead are at an acceptable level. In short, we can help you take a lot of guesswork out of the day-to-day operation of your business.

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We’ve helped well-established local retail giants like A.S. Cooper’s, Gorham’s and Boyles with their diverse accounting and bookkeeping needs. One of the essential services we have provided to clients within this industry is assessment of existing operating systems and advice on more effective and efficient systems for both point of sale and back office accounting, helping with procurement, installation and management of those systems. We provide bookkeepers to work at the clients’ offices under both client and ABS supervision or we can take care of all the accounting needs for smaller shops at our Hamilton office. We pick up paperwork all over Hamilton on a daily basis.
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Professional Services

Successfully managing time and billing is a fundamental necessity for Bermuda’s professional firms. ABS works with numerous architectural,
engineering and legal firms to ensure they have the best systems and practices in place and then helps them combine their time and billing
systems into a general ledger system that will produce timely financial statements for the principals of the firms .

Denise Kyme of ABS has over 25 years of experience helping small professional firms enhance these critical areas of business. In addition
we provide a full complement of accounting and consulting services to our clients in this industry as required.
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