Kerin Oral Care Testimonial

It is my pleasure to write this letter of testament to the professional and exceptional accounting services that have been provided to me at Kerin Oral Care by the ABS Limited since May 2010. Before the acquisition of the practice l had solicited the expertise of Mr. Trevor Boyce and Ms. Renee Lawrence to work with me through the purchase and subsequently the start-up of the practice. I have found them to both be professional, knowledgeable and honest, always keeping the practice success at the top of their agenda. Ms. Lawrence and her team have worked tirelessly and unwaveringly to see that our business continues to grow and thrives. Going above and beyond what one would describe as the call of duty, she has become engaged in continuing education courses,  participated in office coaching seminars and endeavors to both provide and implement solutions to any needs that may arise as they relate not only to accounting and finance, but clinically as well. I feel blessed to have found such a conscientious accounting firm in ABS Limited and am forever grateful for their efforts and support of Kerin Oral Care.

I recommend the ABS Limited team without hesitation and look forward to continued growth and progress under their guidance as an accounting firm."

Dr. Kianna M. Simmons | October 18, 2012